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Best Air Separator Suppliers in UAE


There are many companies offering products and services such as Air separators, and choosing the best air separator suppliers in Dubai is very significant. There are a lot of concepts to consider in selecting the best. Main factors are having quality products, excellent services, and good support.

What is Air Separator?

Air separator tanks are ASME code and designed to remove the air quickly and efficiently from closed loop heating and cooling systems. Water gets in and out a through unique tangential nozzle connection that improves a low velocity swirling vortex effect in the center of the unit. Natural centrifugal forces allow the heavier air-free water to move towards the outer edges, while entrained air is captured by the stainless steel collection tube and released to the top of the separator. This air can then be redirected to the compression tank, or released out of the system through an automatic air vent.

The water then exits near the bottom of the unit bubble free and protects the system against the noise, blockage and damage commonly caused by entrained air. SPA air separators are available in two styles, with or without an internal strainer. Units with internal strainers are typically used when continual particle filtering of system water is required.


Benefit of Air Separators:

The air separator clears the system of free air and reduces undissolved sediment to save money and energy. Air trapped in the system can produce major problems such as loss of system efficiency, pipe corrosion, pump damage, increased energy consumption and irritating noise coming from it.


Hotline Trading LLC

is a leading supplier, installer, and a turnkey solution provider of cost effective package Air Separators in Dubai and aftermarket support. The company operates quality systems designed to support the highest levels and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of business performance. To support the product range we have a project management capability for Turnkey type projects which can involve the supply of boilers, M & E Services, Electrical and civil work and after Sales services.

Electric Boiler in Dubai


Electric Boiler in Dubai

Model HW Series II Electric Hot Water Boiler

The Hotline Trading LLC’s HW Series II model gives you lots of options if you are looking for Electric Boiler in Dubai. And that gives you exceptional flexibility in design and specification.
The HW is available in ratings from 15kW to 4240kW, and offers efficiency, simple maintenance, and remarkable reliability. And it can be customized with a variety of features for specific applications— including controls that work in conjunction with utilities to take advantage of off-peak power rates.

Key Advantages

  • Heavy duty 16 gauge cabinet and structural steel base provides greater strength.
  • All electrical components are UL listed or recognized.
  • All units meet CSD-1 requirements.
  • Close temperature control because sensor is located in the outlet pipe.
  • Optional features and trim available to meet any custom design criteria.
  • Large control cabinets with ample room for addition of options or field mounted interfaces.
  • All wiring is color-coded and all electrical components are readily accessible for ease of field service.
  • Individual flanged U-tube design heating element shortens down time for element replacement.
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