We have almost 20 years experience in designing, steam piping system, Boiler house system, hot water system plate heat exchanger system etc. We have hands on experience in design, supply, install, testing and commissioning of many prestigious projects in G.C.C.

For designing hot water systems for hotel projects all we need is the fixture counts and expected mode of heating. We then submit a complete calculation with design backups. Once the design is approved we will submit our turnkey offer for supply, install, testing and commissioning and take the whole responsibility for the system.

Our advantage is we never stick to one steam accessories manufacturer and always support and incorporate a mix match of steam accessories from Spirax Sarco, Armstrong, ARI Germany, ITT Hoffmann, Spencer Watts, Gestra, yoshitake etc. By this the client gets a good accessories that meet with their requirements.

Since we don’t represent any particular brands of steam accessories always our suggestion is straight forward without any commercial interests.

Our steam piping, boilers house design, Laundry piping design will be based on relevant BS, ASME and European Standards.

Most of the time whenever a steam accessories manufacturer design a system they will try to use their complete product range in the system under the pretext manufacturer recommendation, which will lead the customer to pay more money in buying these accessories.



There are many methods of heating water. Hot water produced through Solar and Heat Pump system is getting very popular all over GCC. Though these sources helps a big way of energy saving in a project, if the project has a full fledged laundry where fuel fired steam boiler to be used then heating water with steam is the only economical way .For example, if a 250 room hotel has a laundry which has a steam requirement of 2000 kg/hr, where it is required to install one duty and one standby boiler to meet the steam requirement. Hot water required for a 250 room hotel works out to a demand of 13,125 litres per hr. When 50% demand is kept as storage and 50% in recovery. Steam required to heat the water works out to 488 kg/hr. If a economizer is installed in flue gas chimney of a fuel fired boiler 80% of the energy required for heating hot water can be gained through economizer, which make the system more energy efficient and economical.In this case if the steam boiler capacity is increased from 2000 kg/hr boiler to 2500kg/hr, cost difference between a 2000 kg/hr and 2500 kg/hr is a increase of 8-10% only, which is much lesser than Solar System or heat pump system. Further extra space is not required to keep Solar and heat pump equipment.

In the same project if we opt to use Solar or heat pump, then additional back up source to be provided either with steam or high temp hot water or with electric, which is making the entire system expensive of operation. If it’s with electric then additional expenditure for electrical wiring, transformer costs etc needs to be considered. Further if a economizer is installed in flue gas chimney of a boiler this can also produce hot water which can be a source of energy serving.

So it’s important to check the feasibility of the heating system that to be used in any project. Now a days it has become mandatory / fancy to use a Solar systemor heat pump system and kept the entire load as backup where the purpose of energy saving is forgotten.



As year pass by there are quite number of boiler designs adapted all over the world. More prominent, reliable and time proven designs are Three Pass Conventional Wet Back design and Four Pass Conventional Wet Back design. Apart from these two designs due to economical reasons Three Pass Reverse Flame Wet Back system is also widely used in lower capacities. Though Four Pass Wet Back Boiler end up with higher heating surface due to low steam disengaging area it’s not viable in all capacity. Even in higher capacity boilers, by using a Economizer, efficiency of the boiler can be improved, thus more efficient than a four pass wet back boilers. Considering all these facts still most proven efficient design is the Three Pass conventional Wet Back design.One step ahead Byworth Boiler Limited UK has improved their Three Pass Conventional Wet Back design by incorporating the unique X-ID tubes, which gives increased efficiency , lower emission , lower maintenance costs etc. After lengthy and rigorous testing of different types of tube and tube configurations Byworth have proved that by incorporating X-ID tubes in place of the common plain boiler tubes , which greatly enhances the heat transfer rate by 92.5%. This is achieved not only by an increase in surface area but more importantly due to enhanced turbulence around the inner tube wall.The Government ECA scheme in UK estimates that most old boiler if well maintained run at around 80% (nett) efficiency. Boiler in poor condition especially if suffering from incorrect or lack of water treatment or with poor combustion will operate at much lower efficiencies. Boilers which are too big or too small for the steam demand will also operate at lower efficiencies.

Take a typical gas bill for a 10 tons capacity boilers operating at 80% efficiency on a medium load & will cost almost AED 165,000 per month. Replacing the old boiler with a Yorkshireman2 boiler working at 92.5% efficiency would reduce the working fuel bills to amount AED 135,000 per month. Saving of AED 30,000 per month, when calculated for a 30 year life span of the boiler total savings will be AED 10 Million.

It’s important to select and purchase the right boiler not based only on initial less investment but based on the technicalities involved and long term running costs. There are many boilers available to match your budget from the same manufacturer but it’s important for the buyer to carefully select and purchase the right boiler.


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