Valves Suppliers in Dubai
Valves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in DubaiValves Suppliers in Dubai

Valves Suppliers in Dubai

Conti holds a leading role in the quest of quality construction and production process. Conti valve are completely designed and manufactured by skilled team and with the most innovative equipment. Valves are constructed to last over time. They undergo a stringent and rigorous sequence of tests and internal inspections. With 90 years of manufacturing experience, product quality continues to be at the heart of every stage of the production cycle and become the best valve suppliers in Dubai.

Product Range;

Gate valve- Threaded gate valves, Copper compression and solder end gate valves, Light threaded gate valves and flanged gate valves

Globe valves ; Threaded Globe valve, Threaded Angle globe valves, Flanged globe valves, Flanged angle globe valves

Check Valves ; Threaded Piston check valves, Threaded Angle Piston check valves ,Flanged Piston check valves, Flanged Angle Piston

check valves, Threaded swing check valves, Flanged swing check valves, Threaded Vertical lift & foot check valves.

Y Strainers ; Threaded Y Strainers, Flanged Y Strainers

Plug Valves : Threaded and Flanged Plug Valves

Stopcocks : Threaded  Stopcocks, Copper compression stopcocks, Push fit connection stopcocks

Safety Valves : Threaded and Flanged Safety Valves

Fire Valves : Threaded and Flanged Fire valves

Level indicators

Pressure Reducing Valves

Valves Suppliers in Dubai



Since 1967 MIVAL produces in Italy different types of industrial valves and is highly specialized in bellows sealed globe valves.New valves, such as fig. 2010 for water installations, which is highly appreciated for its versatility and fig. 2012, the first patented valve by MIVAL, that is a great innovation for industrial plants, have been added to the standard valves, manufactured through highly affordable robotic systems.
Since ever MIVAL guarantees the quality of its products and the perfect tightness of its valves with metal seats, available with inside and outside screw, for low and high pressure rates, according to EN and ANSI standards. O
ur valves can be installed on: steam and diathermic oil industrial boilers , chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industries. The main applications are steam, oil, gas, air, water, overheated water and similar fluids, volatile, poisonous and diathermic fluids.


Cast Iron flanged Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Angle Valves, Strainers, Butterfly valves, and Balancing valves .

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